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junio 2018
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M. Fernández Giordano, L. Gutiérrez Gutiérrez and F.J. Llorens Montes,  "Institutional Fit and Firms Performance in Supply Chain Management", "VIII Workshop in Operations Management and Technology", None-None, 2030
D. Cabeza Pullés, L. Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, F.J. Llorens Montes and M.I. Roldán Bravo,  "Drivers for performance in innovative research: Mediating effect of transactive memory system", "8th Annual Conference of the European Decision Sciences Institute (EDSI 2017): Information and Operational Decision Sciences.", None-None, 2029
I. Huertas-Valdivia, F.J. Llorens Montes and J. Braojos Gómez,  "The effects of ostracism, psychological empowerment and self-esteem on employee extra-role behaviour: A moderated mediation model", "European of Decision Sciences 2018", None-None, 2029
A.M. Rojo Gallego-Burín, F.J. Llorens Montes, M.N. Pérez Aróstegui and I. Huertas-Valdivia,  "Ambidextrous strategy, supply chain flexibility and ISO 9000 Standard: an empirical analysis", "8TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE EUROPEAN DECISION SCIENCES INSTITUTE (EDSI) 2017", None-None, 2028
M.N. Pérez Aróstegui, D. Arias Aranda, F.J. Llorens Montes and A.M. Rojo Gallego-Burín,  "Análisis de referencias bibliográficas con el software ZOTERO", "IV Workshop on Operations Management and Technology - ACEDEDOT 2013", None-None, 2028
F.J. Llorens Montes "Business Information System for Reactive Control of Workforce by Means of Terminal-based Mobile LBS", "International Conference on Science, Technology and Management", None-None, 2028
M.C. Haro Domínguez, A. Ruiz Moreno and F.J. Llorens Montes,  "Diseño y desarrollo de actividades de enseñanza-aprendizaje como integrante fundamental de la planificación de la enseñanza en la disciplina de dirección de operaciones", "IV Workshop on Operations Management and Technology - ACEDEDOT 2013", None-None, 2028
D. Cabeza Pullés, A. Ruiz Moreno, M.T. Ortega Egea and M.C. Haro Domínguez,  "Does organizational learning facilitate innovation? Application of QM practices", "European Decision Science Institute EDSI 2017", None-None, 2028

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